Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm in love with Core'dinations cardstock

I have spent some time using the Core'dinations ColorCore Cardstock with my Cuttlebug and I am sooooo thrilled with the results. After embossing the image on the cardstock, I use my sanding block and voila! I love how the interior of the paper is a lighter shade which really highlights the embossed image.

This first card isn't quite finished - I have to decide on a sentiment. But I love how the image coordinates with the prima flower. I used a paper scrap to create the "ribbon" behind the image.

These are among my favorite Christmas cards. Very simple design but still impactful. I used the Cuttlebug Winter Houses folder for the main image. The "HoHoHo" text was embossed (on the Cuttlebug) using a metal tag. I used the Holly folder to create the accent (after embossing the holly, I cut out a single cluster and gently sanded) and a few spare beads stolen from the kids' stash.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cool purse card

I found this great card project during my wanderings on the internet. It is super simple but really striking. The instructions are on the "Firecracker Designs by Pamela" site (")and are very easy to follow. I challenge you to give this a try!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Using Brass Stencils with Glitter

OK, I've been experimenting with ways to use my brass stencils with glitter. The embossing paste works well but can be tricky (use too much and it bleeds, use too little and it won't fill in the tiny cracks of the stencil). This morning I experimented with using PAM non-stick cooking spray. It works on frying pans so why not on stencils ....

Both attempts worked although the burnish on the flower was a bit different than expected.

The cat worked out great although I should have used a lighter shade for the background to get the full impact of the image. I'm really pleased with how crisp the image lines are.

What should I use next?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

BC Creative Expo

This past weekend was spent happily crafting with my best friends Lee & Jacqui at the BC Creative Expo. This was the second year for the Expo (first year for us) and although there were some bumps, overall it was a blast! Friday was the main shopping day -- but I only bought stuff on my list! I joked that the list was written in invisible ink and the items only appeared once I found them and decided on the purchase. Very convenient!

We took part in 3 classes which ranged from complete disaster to absolutely phenomenal. I ended up with quite a few cards that I liked from each class so even the disastrous "Christmas Cards with a Twist" class was somewhat successful.

"Christmas Cards with a Twist" had quite a twist - the class wasn't about Christmas cards and many key supplies weren't delivered so the final cards would've ended up quite horrid. I made the best of it and pretty much ignored the class instructions and just tried to create a few not-terrible cards out of the supplies. This one worked out pretty nicely - I like the cut-out:

The next class was "Clearly Creative" and I had a great time with the embellishment buffet (Trisha had stations set throughout the room for prima flowers, buttons, chipboard, glimmer mist, alcohol inks, stamps, papers, laces). The "Naturally" card was the class project. The rest were just random creations.

The final class was "Stencil Magic" and it was the best by far. I have rediscovered brass stencils and am loving all the new uses for them. The best learnings from the class included this card:

When you put white embossing paste onto a previously inked glossy paper, the paste will pull up the ink colours as it dries. Truly magic!

And it is possible to use brass stencils on double-sided adhesive tape if you first soap up the stencil with 100% vegetable oil soap. I have tried this unsuccessfully before and am thrilled to have such a simple solution.

And finally we learned how to use embossing paste and the perfect pearls powder. What luck as I had bought some of the perfect pearls the day before and had no idea what to do with them.

So, all in all this was a fantastic weekend. I ended up with 17 cards and a slight hangover. Lee, Jacqui and I spent tonnes of time gossiping, and I even learned a few new techniques. Just have to hide that Visa bill!