Thursday, November 13, 2008

Using Brass Stencils with Glitter

OK, I've been experimenting with ways to use my brass stencils with glitter. The embossing paste works well but can be tricky (use too much and it bleeds, use too little and it won't fill in the tiny cracks of the stencil). This morning I experimented with using PAM non-stick cooking spray. It works on frying pans so why not on stencils ....

Both attempts worked although the burnish on the flower was a bit different than expected.

The cat worked out great although I should have used a lighter shade for the background to get the full impact of the image. I'm really pleased with how crisp the image lines are.

What should I use next?


  1. That is very cool. I love the flower stencil. So which tape are you using for these, and what if all I have is butter flavoured PAM?

  2. I used Sookwang tape. It was important to balance the amount of PAM - enough to cover the stencil well but not so much it was drippy.

    As for butter flavored PAM? I really couldn't say - might make for some strange cravings though.