Monday, December 8, 2008

Make-it-yourself Prima-type Flowers

I had the opportunity to try the ideas from Valita's blog to make some prima-type flowers. I played around for awhile and ended up with the following flower. I think it worked out pretty well!


Embossing tool
Embossing pad
Handmade cardstock
Cuttlebug cutting dies - Flowers and/or Asterisks*
*(you could also use flower punches)


1. Cut out your flower shape on the Cuttlebug. Use the standard sandwich of A+B+die+paper+B.

2. Score lines down the center of each petal section then fold up in order to give a good crease.

3. Lay your flower on an embossing pad or piece of foam. Move the embossing tool (larger ball end) in a circular motion all around the edges of the petals. You will see the petal edges start to curl inwards.

4. When you are happy with the amount of curling, turn the flower over and press firmly in the center to make the flower “pop up”.


If using a thicker cardstock like Bazzil, crumple the paper well, then smooth flat, prior to cutting out your shape (see picture to right).

If using a thicker cardstock you can also try peeling the paper apart into two layers.

Thanks to Valita of “” for the initial idea. Check out her website for tonnes of great ideas!

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  1. A very cool and money saving idea...thank you both.