Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The importance of colour

As a stamper and avid Copic colourer, I am always trying new techniques for blending and mixing of my colours. But I don't often think about why I choose the colours I do. It's pretty much instinctual rather than rational. I have a pretty good eye for colours so it has worked all right for me, but after reading this article - Elizabeth Dulemba - Illuminating Color - I am inspired to explore colours more. Elizabeth Dulemba is a children's book writer and illustrator In particular I want to experiment and study more on light & shadow. I usually ignore shadow in my images or I add very simple, non-subtle shadows. I am determined to try some of the techniques she mentions as well as to explore some of the links provided to try and add more subtlety and depth to my images. Read Ms Dulemba's article (and explore her site as she is an incredible artist who shares wonderful images and great ideas all the time) and let me know what you think.

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