Friday, August 3, 2012

Pokemon party

My darling son attended a birthday party recently for his very best friend - the party theme was Pokemon so I was requested to create a card using one of his friend's favourite Pokemons. Well, I'll do anything for my son (did I have a choice?) so I made this card featuring not one, but two, Pokemon. When the card is closed, you see Reshiram and then when the card is opened, the centre flips around to show Zekrom (for those of you lucky enough to be ignorant of the Pokemon universe, these are 2 of the main legendary creatures in the newest version).

I found the images of the two legendary Black & White Pokemon characters online so that was pretty easy. The design of the card was totally inspired by a previous sketch at Sketch Saturday. Not only did I love the sketch (and didn't it adapt well to a swing card?) but I also saw the stars on the sketch and immediately knew that I had to use these Bo Bunny papers. Even the stars are cut from a sheet of the Bo Bunny paper (I had lots of fun lining up the stars so that they would look good when the card was open and closed).  The card blank was cut using a Sizzix die so it was tremendously easy to create.

Anyway, the card was a hit - the birthday boy's mom even asked me where I bought the card (she was sincerely surprised that it was handmade).