Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Concert

The concert was great. Alex chose not to participate (you can see him sitting behind the kids on the floor). Leilani joined in for a while until she lost interest. Luke and Aiyana did wonderfully though. Both stars!

Daycare Christmas Concert

The kids practiced all week preparing this Christmas concert for me. Alex wouldn't participate (although he would play the jingle bells at practice sessions) and Leilani only lasted a short time before getting hurt. Aiyana and Luke were absolutely wonderful though. I am amazed that they could remember so many of the words and motions. I'm also amazed at how much of natural performers they are. Kids are just wonderful!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas concerts

Luke is getting very excited about the Christmas concert that he is performing for me tomorrow. He can't tell me what songs he will be singing because it is a surprise, but he informed me that the number will be 3. Apparently Aiyana will also be singing a song. I am pretty excited to see the show myself. It is so great having a daycare provider who will arrange these sort of "events" so that I can be a part of their activities.