Friday, December 18, 2009

Some pre-Christmas photos

I love Christmas and all the decorating that goes into the season especially the Christmas trees  filled with ornaments and, of course, lights.  The tree looks OK this year but it was challenging getting it decorated. We were fostering some kittens and they decided that the tree made a great jungle gym. At one point there were two kittens as well as our full grown (and very large) cat, Buffalo Bill in the tree. Needless to say, no ornaments were added until after the kittens returned to the SPCA.

I punished Buffalo Bill for his attempted destruction of the tree by dressing him in some Santa finery. As you can clearly tell, he isn't impressed. It just isn't Christmas until the pets are tortured and embarassed!

And finally I took the boys to see Santa and they were their usual selves. The photographer took a dozen shots and this was honestly the best. Alex has decided that goofy = photographic smiles. Oh well, at least Santa had fun. And the shot does show their true personalities!

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