Monday, October 25, 2010

Santa Claws

All my friends know that I'm a bit crazy when it comes to my pets - they were my children before I had children, and they are as important to me as family & friends. So when one of my pets gets ill I pretty much turn into an emotional wreck ... which describes my mood over the past several days.  Buffalo Bill has been with the family for just under a year & a half and we are now on the verge of losing him. He is a young cat (no more than 3 yrs) but is in renal failure. He probably had undiagnosed congenital kidney disease but a cat fight last week, followed by surgery to repair his wounds, likely trigger the kidney disease. He has been in the hospital for 4 days and we find out today whether the treatment is working and his kidneys are rebounding or whether the damage is permanent (and thus fatal).  Instead of embarking on a weekend of self-recriminations (I never should have let him go outside) and homicidal fantasies (the cat that hurt him stalks him all the time - she actually chases him right to our door and sits outside of the window when he is inside) I decided to make a scrapbook page of one of my favourite sets of photos. And so, without further ado, here is Buffalo Bill at his finest:

Bill is quite a demanding, pushy cat who doesn't believe he should be restricted from anywhere. So when he decided the Christmas tree would be a fun place to rest, we were quite aware that resistance would be futile. What made the situation even funnier is that there were 3 kittens crawling in the tree after him (we were fostering them for the SPCA).  I love how disgruntled Bill looks in his Santa hat & beard! A cat with a sense of humour can be hard to find but I believe he found the whole situation funny especially when he started playing peek-a-boo with the hat.

I scrap-lifted this layout from the recent issue of Scrapbooking & Beyond Magazine. The papers and alpha are all from different lines but I love how well they coordinate with each other: fancy patterned paper is Bo Bunny (tis the season, fa la la), brown patterned paper is from SEI (Christmas mint) and the alpha is Basic Grey (bittersweet alpha).

Crafty Creations - red, brown, green


  1. Aww Shelley, I do hope he's okay. I don't have any pets now but when the kids were small we had a cat they named Tammy. She drove me mad because she used to run up the curtains and jumped into my 7ft high real Christmas tree and knocked it into the fire! She went out one day and never came home. We were all so upset that we never got another pet. Your layout is beautiful and shows him off purrrfectly! xxx

  2. Oh how cute! love that you did a layout and love the Bo Bunny paper! I was just using it the other day. Thanks for joining us at Crafty Creations! :-) Amy